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Are you going to sell or share any of my client information?

No, Tailor Maid Services is unauthorized to sell or share any Client or Maid information. Not only do we despise that sort of thing, but we also realize a good running company requires trusted clientele. Only through the court of law, with a subpoena, can your information be released.

Is this some sort of sex thing or escort service?

We are NOT an escort service nor do we encourage or sell any services that are illegal or promote or involve prostitution. If sex, massages, and other activities other than what we have listed are what you are seeking then please leave this site, for we do not have what you are seeking.

Do I get to see who's coming to service my home?

After booking, we send out a text message and an email regarding your service and if you have any specific requests such as a dark haired woman, or a curvy eye pleaser. Generally we are able to fulfill requests & a photo of the maid will be emailed within 2 hours after the email/text has been delivered. Please be advised, our Maids are as discreet as our clientele, so photos will not be posted via the site.

How do I apply to be a Tailor Maid?

Our email address is maidbytailor@gmail.com, and is also located on our contact page. The Maid request should include your name, age, DOB, City, state, phone number & any relevant experience you may have. All maids are at LEAST 18 Years old or older. Criminal & background checks are had upon the hiring process.

What services are provided? Can I make certain requests?

Your Maid will do cleaning, light housekeeping and cooking duties. The Maid reserves the right to refuse any requests that may be demeaning, dangerous, and illegal.

              The Maid will be happy to mix a drink for you, bring you a sandwich, and do any activity that any Maid would normally do for their Client.

              As far as specific services we provide, there are a variety of cleaning services we provide.

Can I take pictures or video?

Under no circumstances are photography, pictures, videos, or any filmography acceptable. 

Violations will result in immediate termination of the session and/or ongoing contract, with no refund for services provided.