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Once you have picked the maid/butler of your choosing, you will then receive an email and phone confirmation along with a phone call from one our representatives to further screen you. Screening ensures safety on our end, making sure all parties that will be in the home/office are accounted for. Deposits are mandatory and the rest of your fee will be charged after verification. Tips are to be given to the maid or a separate invoice can be created for you if you'd like.

When discovering your maid on social medias, you ARE NOT allowed to exchange personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, and personal social media outlets. 


Upon your maid or Butlers arrival, they should arrive smiling in their pink and black uniform. They will already know what you need cleaned because you've already told the amazing representative what you needed. Please sign the service agreement that is presented before you and then show the maid/butler to where they can change if the service is a topless/requested costume service. We have a STRICT 'DONT TOUCH MY BODY' POLICY. This means the client will not and can not touch the maid and vice versa! Refunds will not be issued if this small rule is broken, and you will also be put on a do not service list: This is for everyone. Men, women & couples, no one person is exempt-not the client nor the employee

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