What is Tailor Maid Services?

Tailor Maid Services is suited for the everyday person, the over worked person, the busy couple, and the party throwers! Although we are we a TOPLESS service, we do provide plenty of services so no one person is left without the option of wanting to choose us. Whether you have an event coming up such as a birthday party, mixer or anniversary; or you’re just needing your home or office space cleaned, Tailor Maid Services is your NEW GO TO! We cook, clean and the job is always done right or your money back! Request your sexy maid for standard or topless house cleaning services any day of the week-anytime before midnight. We provide the supplies, eco friendly of course. Let us show you what it’s like, and why you’ll keep coming back to Tailor Maid Services! 

A little bit about the owner.

I am vibrant, passionate and very much so hippie like. Being an independent FEMALE owner of something I sat and really put time and effort into; studying my craft and understanding, THIS WILL NOT BE EASY. It just makes me happy knowing this can be an outlet for so many women, and men too! I danced in a strip club for 7 years, and if I would have had this under my belt then, I most likely would've stopped sooner! The idea of someone coming to cook and clean for me is the ticket to heaven right there, so i figure i share my gift and we can all be happy lol. Seattle needs more FUN ways to get things done, the ENTIRE WORLD needs something original that will awe their customers. My intention was to become one of the "first" of something in my area... and I did that. proudly. I love having a support team of humble individuals that understand success comes with patience, and with patience and staying vigilant we always prosper!

Sabrina Watkins